Women of the Bible

women of the bible

and their Oils


All of us live in the reflection of these fascinating Women of the Bible, and we may even ask why are they so special? Beginning at the beginning, we meet Eve who was created in just one clear day by God. How would that make you feel if you were in her shoes?  Suddenly you are a fully grown woman and wife, given the heavy responsibility to populate the entire world. A lot was expected of her, she was created for the sole purpose to be Adam’s wife, to be his companion and emotional support. She instantly became aware of her desires. And we probably think of Eve as a pious and mature woman. Since she was the template of all women, she probably felt then exactly as you and I feel right now.

All women ever own exactly the same emotions, so you will identify with the women written about in this book. Their experiences in their relationships with their husbands and their trials of their lives will be exactly like ours. Even though these women were prophetesses and mothers of humanity, it is amazing to see how they have the same dramas in their lives. They have sagas with loving but tactless husbands, jealous rival wives when men like king David married many wives and women had to deal with the emotions of being not the favorite wife, or if she was, then her desperation of maintaining her “main wife” status. Why did Sarah our barren matriarchs seek the recognition of motherhood through her surrogate handmaiden Hagar, which ended up being a solution that brought more grief than honor?

I have compiled the stories of the lives of thirty women and their oils that affect their destiny. In this book you will get to look into the human qualities of all the women written about, we will bring them back to life and feel their joys and sorrows in real-time.

“I will plant in the wilderness the acacia tree, and the myrtle and the Etz Shemen “Oil Tree” I will set in the Arava cypress, maple, and box-tree together.”

(Isaiah 41:19)

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