Personal Training

Personal Training

Having a personal trainer…

Has its advantages and is a luxury, but if we have reached rock bottom, this could save our life. We may not be able to take that first step of making changes alone, but it is important to know that someone professional can help us carry the load. Especially in the beginning when we are overwhelmed and not sure how to start our new lifestyle. A personal trainer will ensure that you are training correctly so that your muscles are proportioned to prevent compromising your skeleton’s posture. Proportioned muscles also prevent sports injuries and complications to your joints and skeletal frame. It is always best to work on your problems before training on full body workouts so that your skeleton can strengthen up first.

Motivation and a specially designed workout plan for you with a target goal and focus. Many times, you will not feel motivated to go to the gym on your own, so you won’t. How many times have you wandered around the gym not sure what to do? It is a great feeling knowing that you have an organized program and know exactly what you are supposed to work on that day. When you are lost, you will soon get bored, unmotivated and in a matter of days you will no longer take advantage of your gym membership, and then soon you will stop working out at all.

Your personal trainer keeps an eye on how you are working out and your progress and will not allow you to give up. Your personal trainer comes to you and you don’t even have to leave your home, if you prefer working out at home then he or she will come with equipment to suit your personal needs. For example, if you will be working on core muscles, posture and spinal muscles on that day, your trainer will know what equipment to bring.

The secret that a successful business person…

…will tell us is that their success in achieving their goals was hiring professionals. If we run a business, we need to hire an accountant and a lawyer to make sure that we know the laws and tax rules. Having a professional on our side with expertise on weight loss, nutrition, workouts, or more, is a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. The advantage is that it will give us a chance to advance much quicker and with less pain than if we started alone.

Important Focus On…

…Rehabilitative exercises that strengthen and readjusts your body to get strong again. Using a combination of Strength exercises, Pilates and stretches is a great balance to achieve these goals.

Book 10 sessions of personal training classes and receive one lesson for FREE.

Classes will include:

  • one on one training focusing on your specific needs.
  • special attention will be invested in your body type for strengthening.
  • rehabilitation of injuries, by strengthening and stretching.
  • homework to maintain focus and balance on your regime.

Price $600


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