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Our Shop is the supplier of holy items used by Jews on holy days for traditional and religious usage. All items are designed produced in Israel.

Any alternative holistic treatments should NEVER be offered instead of conventional medicine. Never take upon yourself the responsibility to replace a patient’s conventional treatments. There are many ways to help people in harmony with convention.

Essential oils may be used for everyone between the ages of 0 to 100 and in order to work safely with oils, we must use a base oil to make our blends. Very few oils are safe to be used directly onto the skin, so it is always good practice to use a base oil to keep our self and our loved ones safe.

Do not administer oils to the following people without consulting with your doctor,

Patients taking steroids or cortisol

Pregnant women

People suffering from Diabetes or High Blood pressure

Patients suffering from Epilepsy

Patients taking Medications for Mental Illnesses or Depression

Dosage for Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers is always less than for adults in general use 2-6 drops.

Never administer Lavender, Mint, Basil or Sage oils for pregnant women and nursing mothers. These oils can cause the uterus to start contractions and risk a miscarriage.

In nursing mothers Basil has the ability to change DNA causing mutations.

Always take the gentler option and be cautious!

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