Oil of Gladness

Oil of Gladness

The Oil of Gladness “Oil of Joy” – the Gladness Oil also known as the Oil of Joy has an Olive oil base. It is specifically blended together with cinnamon which symbolizes gladness and joy. It is said when the Messiah returns, he will give the Jewish people “the oil of joy” as a comfort for our mourning. The Oil of Gladness is also the garment of praise for the spirit and appreciation. These trees are called the trees of righteousness, and the planting of them, glorifies the LORD, so that He may be glorified”

It is the Jewish way to be joyful and thankful to G-d always, even in times of sorrow.  In times of sorrow when it is the easy solution to stay miserable, this oil is ‎used to remind us that G-d commands us to choose life, joy, and appreciation. We learn that life always goes on even if it sometimes seems too hard to obey, this is how G-d teaches us to defeat bad things and bring out your warrior spirit

Olive oil was often used to anoint the head and body after a bath as a symbol of honor, joy, and favor.  Ruth was advised by Naomi ‎to wash and anoint herself and put on her best garment, before seeking out Boaz (Ruth ‎‎3:3).  David washed, anointed himself, and put on fresh clothing, before entering the house of ‎God to worship G-d. ‎This oil was ‎also used by young maidens when they were betrothed as a symbol of rejoicing, health, and ‎looking forward.

Olive oil blended with cinnamon and frankincense is the scent used in the bible as a perfume for seduction. This blend gives you a sense of spirituality and a joyful experience. This combination enhances confidence and security for giving you a positive outlook in life. The Oil of Gladness is sent to you straight from the holy land where the oils are pressed and blended with pure organic essential oils grown in rich Israeli soil.

Buy the Oil of Gladness for meditation, confidence, and thankfulness.

Original recipe as used by king David, Ruth, and other biblical people.

Oils are all organically grown and produced in the holy land.

The scent of this oil of gladness gives the sensation of biblical times.

Scent instructions were written very specifically in the bible.

Methods of use are to:

Place a couple of drops on your palms and pulse on your wrist as needed, much like perfume.

Simply smell it out of the bottle whenever you feel the need.

Use as incense with an incense bowl.

Anointing Oil, Oil of Gladness, Rose of Sharon

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