Personal Training

Having a personal trainer…

…has its advantages and it is a luxury, but if we have reached rock bottom then this could save our life. We may not be able to take that first step of making changes alone, but it is important to know that there is someone professional who can help us carry the load. Especially in the beginning when we are overwhelmed and not sure how to start our new lifestyle. Continue reading “Personal Training”

Nutrition Plan

The best and most effective way to lose weight from your body fat storage and not from your precious muscle mass, is a triangle combination consisting of Nutrition, Muscle Mass Building.

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Weight Loss Program

Being overweight is imminently dangerous, Doctors are not so relaxed about obesity as they once were. Being as little as 10% overweight can cause serious damage to our health,

With our Weight Loss Program you will get access to:

10 Personal Training Sessions


Your own personally designed Nutrition Plan


Fill out your health questionnaire and email it back to me so that I can design your Nutrition Plan...

Massage Therapy

Touch is therapeutic and it is a natural instinct we are born with. Massage Therapy is a very old healing therapy using touch to help soothe, relax, invigorate and stimulate our muscles and joints. Aromatherapy oils like almond oil, grape seed oil, or other base oils used with essential oils combined to suit our personal health needs to provide us many therapeutic benefits. Continue reading “Massage Therapy”

Bach Flower Remedies

The therapeutic system by using Bach Flower Remedies is designed to tackle the original emotional and spiritual problems before they manifest into physical disease. This does not mean, that Bach Flower Remedies can only be used to treat emotional and spiritual problems. It means, that instead of focusing on the physical disease, they try to solve the original problem of the disease and to bring a change and opening on spiritual, emotional and mental level. Continue reading “Bach Flower Remedies”