Essential Oils and their Relevance to the Bible

Essential Oils and their Relevance to the Bible

The Bible is the most read book in the world and it still fascinates readers with new and current information until today. Everything we see around us is connected to the Bible and in the cycle of life, the biblical times is not so far back. Trees that have been planted many hundred years ago are living among us with the same energy that they had in the time of the Bible. Continue reading “Essential Oils and their Relevance to the Bible”

10 Best Ways to Start Losing Weight

10 Best Ways to Start Losing Weight

In my book, the 10 best ways to start losing weight you will be motivated to start setting yourself up for success simply by preparing yourself for your weight loss goals.

Being overweight or obese is a nightmare and a plague for men and women of this century. We are constantly assured by others who are not overweight, that size doesn’t matter, and we should all be happy with our bodies. But we know that the true reality is that size does matter.

Why are we always told its ok to be fat by thin people? Nobody likes being fat, and nobody enjoys being antagonized with fake niceties. Maybe our friends and family mean well and don’t want us to feel bad or uncomfortable with our bodies, but we do.

We have many excuses for being overweight, our daily lives in this century is brutal. We are bombarded constantly with many stresses, ranging from financial to emotional. I believe that taking responsibility for our financial and emotional situations eases the path of our ability to live stress-free and focus on a healthy lifestyle.

Reducing your stress

  • Don’t take on a heavy mortgage, live within your means.
  • Don’t stay in a job or marriage that is toxic and making you sick, when we look we can always find solutions.

Focus on what is important without getting distracted by the powerful peer pressure of this generation. They are constantly pounding our psyche that mediocrity is not acceptable. People are buying larger homes, more expensive cars, kids wearing only designer clothing.

Living in debt with stresses in a world that our body weight does matter, does keep us overweight and find ourselves in a catch 22 situation.

Modern day eating habits match our crazy lifestyles, we eat the food available to us and fast!!!

We are exposed to an abundance of food, but they all come wrapped in a package for our convenience. Our daily schedule keeps us barely above water, we don’t really have the time to shop for healthy foods and then cook 3 meals and day.

What do we do about it?

I have comprised this book of 10 best ways for you to take accountability of your current lifestyle. Learn steps to take to jumpstart and motivate yourself and take control of your health and weight loss.

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  • Paperback: 49 pages
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10 Best Ways to Start Losing Weight

Lose Fat by Reducing Stress

Lose Fat by Reducing Stress

How to lose weight fast?

In my book Lose Fat by Reducing Stress, there are systematic methods that ensure you lose weight. Women always strive for the perfect body, even if they have a great physique. This book is for you if you want to lose weight, weight loss for women and men who want to lose belly fat, learn to lose fat build muscle and change your body composition.

Most women feel the perfect body is petite, slim, and fit. Women are always struggling with their body image, and find it hard understanding themselves. Weight loss will ensure that you have more confidence in yourself, this is what makes women and men more attractive. Staying healthy and active, by maintaining a healthy weight range is the recipe for youth. Bodies come in many shapes and sizes, how would you define the perfect body for you?

Staying motivated to lose weight, maintaining motivation and remaining emotionally strong and focused on your goal. Stress was likely to have caused the weight gain in the first place, if the problem is not resolved, the weight gain will continue regardless of the diet and exercise routines. Weight loss motivation helps you stick to your goals and you will get through and succeed. The worse thing is to give up because you have not seen results yet.

Esther Lehman Media

Give your workout sometime and don’t depend on scales alone, being as little as 10% overweight can cause serious damage to our health, both from the perspective of our physical health and our emotional health too. Doctors are not as relaxed about obesity as they once were. The obesity epidemic is one of the biggest health risks of this century, it is associated with heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Our bodies give us early warning signs way before we become sick. It constantly gives us opportunities to solve minor health issues before they become serious.

Lose Fat Club Says…

Lose weight by eating healthy food now, prevent any future diseases that may develop due to your current extra weight. My system of losing weight is real, you will receive step by step help and guidance to giving you the tools to start dropping those pounds. So, start this exciting journey now, buy this books and learn the secrets of your body and how to teach it to respond to the methods in this book so that you reach and achieve health and happiness.

This book is a guide to lose weight and keep off the extra pounds forever. Change your lifestyle because Fad Diets don’t work!

Lose Fat by Reducing Stress

  • Paperback: 230 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 11, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1499580312
  • ISBN-13: 978-1499580310
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Lose Fat by Reducing Stress

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Nutrition Essentials Workbook

Nutrition Essentials Workbook

Are you committed to doing whatever it takes to lose weight?

Go through Nutrition Essentials Workbook, learn about BMI, Calories and Nutrition and more… Write down and record your progress using the worksheets. You will learn methods that are much simpler than you think to implement, together with commitment and determination, you will succeed. Many times, we fear exactly the things we crave for; our minds form a mental barrier which we must break through and focus on our goal.

Esther Lehman Media

We must focus on our reasons and decisions for losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately the force of the changes must be generated from within you, it is easy to give up and difficult to continue the journey to success. With success comes many failures, every successful person you know can confirm this fact. This book is goal orientated, it gives you the tools to take charge and be in control of your nutrition and life plans. I have provided many worksheets to motivate and promote action, this will make it easier for you to start to see changes happening.

As we know too much fat besides being unattractive, is not healthy and causes a lot of problems. Being too fat causes clogged arteries, heart disease and high risk for heart attacks and diabetes.  It is so important for us to regulate our cortisol levels by controlling our behavior pattern towards food, and get into a healthy lifestyle as part of our daily routine.  ‎

Esther Lehman Says…

Our weight is determined by the rate which we store energy from the food that we eat, ‎and the rate at which we use that energy. Our body breaks down fat as we lose weight, but we cannot reduce the ‎number of fat cells we have. We will always have the same number of fat cells we were born with. As we lose weight each fat cell simply gets smaller and as we gain weight our fat cells expand.‎

Fat cells are our body’s emergency storage, they store fuel for us just in case we need it later on to survive. If we didn’t have fat cells, we wouldn’t have survived the famines of the past. During the Holocaust, the people who survived were the ones who had a larger fat store. Fat cells are a sophisticated survival mechanism that is, unfortunately, getting all the wrong signals today. Our body was not designed for the constant intake of food, especially the processed junk food that contains preservatives and high levels of sugar.

Nutrition Essentials Workbook

  • Paperback: 151 pages
  • Publisher: Independently published (October 22, 2018)
  • Language: English
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Your Nutrition Workbook

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