Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies

The therapeutic system by using Bach Flower Remedies is designed to tackle the original emotional and spiritual problems before they manifest into physical disease. This does not mean, that Bach Flower Remedies can only be used to treat emotional and spiritual problems. It means, that instead of focusing on the physical disease, they try to solve the original problem of the disease and to bring a change and opening on spiritual, emotional and mental level.

The system of Bach Flower Remedies consists originally of 38 flower essences developed and used by Dr. Edward Bach. Each flower essence is unique and is used to treat a different problem. Dr. Edward Bach has put a lot of effort into making the remedy pictures as clear and as understandable as possible, to make this system useful for practitioners and patients alike.

Truly, the system of Bach Flower Remedies makes it easy for patients to help themselves by analyzing their problem and by finding the matching flower essence.

Bach Flowers Remedies

Case Study

Patient’s Name: Joe W

Age:         48

Sex:         Male

Status:   Married

Work:    Executive in Computer Software Company

First Meeting Discovery:

  • A 48-year-old man who worked hard for a living.
  • He worked away from home and did a lot of driving and spending nights away from home.
  • He was a senior executive and had a high-pressure job.
  • He was unable to sleep well and was constantly feeling tired.
  • He had a mask of jolly-ness but was hiding inner disharmony and could never ask for help.
  • He was bored with his career but didn’t want to leave it as he was fearful of not earning money.
  • From his story, I revealed he was a real slogger – he worked hard and took little or no breaks.
  • He was tired but continued.

My evaluation:

Joe has an OAK personality:

  • stubborn and never asked for help,
  • inflexible because he never allowed himself a break (very tough on himself)
  • an over achiever because he set himself very strict goals

My Treatment:

  • I gave him OLIVE for his exhaustion and this remedy could work either to knock him out for the sleep he really needed or provide him with energy. It did both.
  • The mask of ‘life and soul of the party’ is typical of the need for AGRIMONY.
  • MIMULUSwas added for the fear of not earning money (fear of known things).
  • His career was giving him no spark of interest and he didn’t really see a future in it so I gave him WILD OAT.
  • I gave Joe WALNUTfor all the change going on in his life and the constant driving from one place to the other.

Outcome 3 weeks after his first meeting:

  • At first Joe slept sounder for a few days, even finding he had to take an almost unprecedented day off work.
  • Then he had more energy. Joe also surprised himself one day at work in the first week of the remedy by asking someone for assistance – He was astounded.
  • Within a week, he was happier than he had been in quite a while, but was still feeling a little off.
  • By the end of the second week he felt like his old self again.
  • He finished the bottle around the end of the third week and felt much better.

Continuation Treatment one month later:

Joe said he even though he was feeling better

  • He was still feeling exhausted and spending many nights away from home.
  • He was also still working too hard and took little or no breaks.
  • He was decided that he was going to look for another job, but he was not sure if he wanted to change his career or look for a job in the same field.
  • He was feeling nervous and afraid of not being able to be in control his income and support his family.

OLIVE – exhaustion after mental or physical effort

WILD OAT – difficulty is to determine what occupation to follow

WALNUT – constancy and protection from outside influences

MIMULUS – known fears

ROCKWATER – for rigidity, self-denial and self-repression

I called Joe and suggested that we add the following flowers

CENTAURY – inability to say ‘no’ “Kind, quiet, gentle people who are over-anxious to serve others

CHICORY – to love himself more and believe in himself

Joe said that he is feeling much better and feels that NEEDS to take it. He agreed to come and see me once a month for 6 months to re-evaluate his situation to adjust his treatment as he improves.

Continuation Treatment one week later:

Joe has been taking the treatment for one week and feels a big difference in the way he feels about himself. He is less harsh on himself and allows himself to take a break during his busy days. He still works very long and hard hours, but finds himself able to relax more easily when he is not at work. He feels more confident in his ability to support his family and can sleep better at nights.

Joe arranged another appointment with me in another 3 weeks for a re-evaluation.

Preparation of Bottle:

2 drops of each Remedy (up to 7 Remedies) to a 30ml bottle

spring water filled to the bottle neck

as preservative (optional) you can add 1-2 teaspoons of brandy or apple cider vinegar in the treatment bottle.


Take 4 drops, 4 times a day, once in the morning and once at night before going to sleep. You can take the treatment more than 4 times a day if you need to.

Take until you feel better or the bottle is finished.

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