Latin Name, Argania Spinosa

The Argan tree grows in the valleys of Southwestern Morocco and is a very thorny tree, with a gnarled trunk and a wide-spreading crown that can live up to approximately two hundred years. The fruit of the argan tree is a small fresh and round, or oval shape with a thick peel covering a very fleshy pulp which in the center of which has a hard-shelled heavy nut. Goats love to eat their fruits, so they are kept away until after the trees are harvested, then the flesh of the fruits is fed to the animals.

The nuts are cracked open to take out their seeds which are used to make the oil. Argan oil is edible and is eaten by dipping bread in it or eaten with couscous and salads. Un-roasted Argan oil is used to treat skin diseases and used as a cosmetic oil for skin and hair. Argan oil contains Vitamin A and E making it great for the skin, it is also an antioxidant and has UV protection qualities.

Cold Compressed

Are oils that are compressed with an unheated method, this ensures that the oils retain their beneficial properties.


These oils have undergone only a little refining making sure that the oils retain their richness and strength without additives.