10 Best Ways to Start Losing Weight

10 Best Ways to Start Losing Weight

10 Best Ways to Start Losing Weight

In my book, the 10 best ways to Start Losing Weight, will motivate you to set yourself up for success and prepare yourself for your weight loss goals.

Being overweight is a nightmare and a plague for men and women of this century. We are constantly assured by others who are not overweight, that size doesn’t matter, and we should all be happy with our bodies. But we know really that size does matter!

Why are we regularly told it’s ok to be fat by thin people? Nobody enjoys being fat, and nobody enjoys being antagonized with fake niceties. Maybe our friends and family mean well and don’t want us to feel bad or uncomfortable with our bodies, but we do.

We have many excuses for being overweight, our daily lives in this century are brutal. We are bombarded continually with many stresses, ranging from financial to emotional. I believe that taking responsibility for our financial and emotional situations eases the path of our ability to live stress-free and focus on a healthy lifestyle.

Reducing your stress

  • Don’t take on a heavy mortgage, live within your means.
  • Don’t stay in a job or marriage that is toxic and making you sick, when we look we can always find solutions.

Focus on what is important for getting distracted by the powerful peer pressure of this generation. They are constantly pounding our psyche that mediocrity is not acceptable. People are buying larger homes, more expensive cars, kids wearing only designer clothing.

Living in debt with stresses in a world that our body weight does matter, keeps us overweight, and finds ourselves in a catch-22 situation.

Modern-day eating habits match our crazy lifestyles, we eat the food available to us and fast!!!

The media constantly exposes us to an abundance of food, but they all come wrapped in a package for our convenience. Our daily schedule keeps us barely above water, we don’t really have the time to shop for healthy foods and then cook 3 meals and day.

What do we do about it?

I have comprised this book of 10 best ways for you to take accountability for your current lifestyle. Learn steps to take to jumpstart and motivate yourself and take control of your health and weight loss.

I am going to give you a big PUSH to taking responsibility for your health. When you are overweight and stuck, feeling like you have no solution, it is of the utmost importance to realize that you do. In this book, I have compiled ways to motivate you into starting your weight loss journey, but we both know that YOU are the only person who can cause this action to happen.

Making this decision is only the first step, you quickly see that it is a daily decision running at you constantly throughout your day. Preventing declination is art. Every microsecond of our day we make these decisions, whether when we prepare our meals or if we exercise. It is a privilege to learn to build up this inner power that takes advantage of our opportunity to control what we put into our bodies.

Once you have mastered this art, the solution will be so simple, so obvious, and you will know exactly what to do at all times. You have taken over implementing this far from a simple concept and made it your own personal system. Your friends will wonder how this happened and you will be able to help them too, thus helping yourself even more.

You will always be motivated into making the right choices of the foods you eat because you now know how poor food choices are avoidable. Life is a bundle of stresses that can cause havoc on our digestion. Learning to cope with stress together with eating healthy regularly will affect your journey to weight loss and good health forever.

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