The Uses of Oils for Health and Healing

One of the ways our bodies absorb essential oils into our system is via ‎our sense of smell. We inhale a wide variety of aromas during our day through our noses.‎ Our bodies have many neurons which are hair-like projectors called cilia, these are who identify scents via this very important sense. This sensor is capable of understanding ‎and identifying the difference between thousands of types of aromas. Even people who don’t have ‎the sense of smell, are able to inhale scents that their bodies internalize as though they were able to really smell.  The human body is affected by scents in ‎the same way whether we can smell them or not.‎

Scents affect emotions, and we identify via scents feelings that are deep within us may be from a good or a bad experience from earlier in our lives. Humans are even able to smell fear like any other animal, just as scents are able to help us dispel our fears, anxieties, and ‎stresses, scents also stimulate us via our sense of smell to give us the feeling of confidence, this drives us forward instilling in us the need to progress and strive in our lives.‎

Essential Oils cross all boundaries

We all have fond, long past memories that are stimulated by a passing scent. Oils are very therapeutic and are used for healing treatments because we absorb them into our ‎system through our skin making them very effective. Mind, body, and spirit are all one and cannot be separated. The foundation of all life and of the whole universe is the subtle life force energy. This mystical energy flows through our bodies and generates our every action, from gross physical movements to minute intrinsic muscle and joint movements. There are different types of energies and there are energy channels and chakra energy centers using various methods to increase, cultivate and direct spiritual energy.

It is important to learn to control our thoughts and we must practice a lot in order to really do so. Regular meditation reduces stress, tension, anxiety, and frustration, as well as improved memory, concentration, inner peace, and whole-body well-being.

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