HolyLand Oil Bundle Set

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HolyLand Oil Bundle Set

Anointing Oil+Oil of Gladness+Rose of Sharon +One Reusable Shopping Bag

Anointing Oil is made with an Olive oil base and scented with myrrh, a hint of cinnamon and frankincense. It’s scent is authentic and is very likely the original biblical scent that our ancestors in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem must have smelled. This amazing blend is strong and subtle at the same time, it stimulates your sensory nerves giving you a spiritual and uplifting experience. Straight from the holy land the oils are pure organic essential oils grown in mineral rich Israeli soil.

Rose of Sharon My love calls me to come away with him because winter has passed and spring has arrived. The land is full of flowers, singing birds, fresh figs and aromatic grapes. My lover compares me to a dove in the cleft of a rock and he asks that I reveal myself so that he might see me and hear my voice. I ask that he seize people who, cunning as foxes, might try to come between us. I am my beloved’s and he is mine; he stays here, among the roses. When the sun was high, however, I caused him to depart like one to a distant mountain.

The Oil of Gladness “Oil of Joy” – the Gladness Oil also known as the Oil of Joy has an Olive oil base. It is specifically blended together with cinnamon which symbolizes gladness and joy. It is said when the Messiah returns, he will give the Jewish people “the oil of joy” as a comfort for our mourning. The Oil of Gladness is also the garment of praise for the spirit and appreciation. These trees are called the trees of righteousness, and the planting of them, glorifies the LORD, so that He may be glorified”

Reusable grocery shopping bags (tote bags) set of 4, made of natural fibers to help our customers recycle and save the use of plastic bags. HolyLand Oils likes to do our part in helping to protect the environment, you can use your reusable bags not only for shopping.

Anointing Oil

Oil of Gladness

Rose of Sharon


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