Essence of Oils

Essence of Oils

Holy Land Oils is a company based in Maale Adumim, Israel producing the Essence of Oils. With this website we plan to write informative articles based on various topics connected to the Essence of Oils and the history of oils in the holy land. Olive oil in particular has very strong religious roots in Israel, used by Kings and prophets to anoint. Olive was also a source for beauty treatments and perfumes, such as the Oil of Gladness.

Essential oils are plant or flower based oils that are a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing strong aroma compound extracted by expression or cold pressed to extract their oil. Essential oils are extracted from the flower, leaves, bark or roots by distillation using steam if it is water based, and some oils are also extracted with alcohol, and are used in three different ways:

Essential oils are used physically for reflexology or massage.

Essential oils are used to heal ailments, from headaches and stomach aches to more serious diseases such as cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Essential oils help overcome emotional nervousness, like before examinations, important meetings and more.

Here are some of the Essential Oils blends made by Holy Land Oils.

Treatment of Cellulite

Cellulite cells are extra-large fat cells under the skin, usually on the thighs, giving that unattractive lumpy texture.  HolyLand Oils blends Juniper and Grapefruit oil in an almond base, making a very pleasant and effective oil to combat cellulite. Seeing is believing, the cellulite smoothers out as it is applied. Rub this oil mixture on your affected areas with a pumice stone or hard sponge as many times a day as you like and enjoy the results.

There is no cure for cellulite, your thighs stays smooth only while using this mixture.

Ease Jet-lag

Long journeys and time differences takes their toll on our bodies. This unique combination of Lemongrass and Patchouli blended together relaxes stress and reduces blood pressure. They soften the muscles around the neck and shoulders preventing them from contracting and pulling on your head and neck. This gives a substantial relief from your jet lag. Use this oil a few days before a long journey, and continue using it as needed after you are at your destination.

Master blend Protector Secrets

Master blend is a synergy of 14 different essential oils blended together whose goal is protection. Master blends protects you from contracting contagious illnesses especially in crowded areas. If you are in a bus where there are people coughing and sneezing, simply rub a small amount onto to your pulse on your wrist, palm of hand and back of neck.

If you are actually sick, rub freely onto your chest, pulse and palms. The strong scent of this blend opens up your lungs and allows you to breath. The main active ingredients for this are the eucalyptus and pine. Another very active ingredient is lemongrass which helps clear your phlegm.  We also add Cardamom, black pepper and mint which aids in reducing pain and fever. Oregano, rosemary and thyme shortens the length of your illness substantially.

This product is a must in every home!!!

Scar treatments

Nobody likes unsightly scars and it is normal during the course of our lives to accumulate some, either from child birth, weight gain, body building or injuries. HolyLand Oils has a blend of essential oils which is specifically produced for raw injuries or wounds.

Use this oil to prevent scars, by applying it before an operation, during the healing process and after the operation. Using our blend in an Oil form is simply more comfortable than rubbing cream on a very sensitive wound that may even still have stitches. Oil is less painful and quicker to absorb into your skin, using a blend of lavender, sandalwood and archillea.

Heal Haemorrhoids

This is so unpleasant, painful and sometimes humiliating. This blend is a soft cream mixture, so that it makes application easier and more convenient than if it was only oil based. In this cream we combine cypress, juniper, geranium, sage, myrrh, myrtle and lavender with a unique and healing base oil called oblipecha. This mixture soothes the hemorrhoid, calms the itching and drains the swelling. The lemon, sage, cypress and geranium are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria and kills infections.


If you suffer from migraines on a regular basis and take strong medication, this is a great option to ease up on your drugs. People suffering from regular migraines know the best time to take medication is before the migraine or headache actually sets in. As soon as you feel the headache lurking start inhaling this oil blend, which is a synergy of eucalyptus and peppermint. You may also apply it on your pulse on your wrist, the palms of your hands and on the back of your neck.

Pain Relief

Just having one of those achy days, can’t focus and would like some relief, you are not comfortable sitting, standing or laying down. This oil is blended with nutmeg and clove to anesthetize the pain. Lavender to calm and relax, it is a great anti-inflammatory oil, together with vanilla and cajuput you will feel like a new person.

Colds & Flu

For that lingering cough after a bout of the flu, this is a natural way to give relief. We blend cardamom oil which is great for lungs, skin issues and the secretion of toxins. Myrtle, cedar wood and pine which are all anti-bacteria, anti-biotic. The Pine and myrtle are amazing for allergies and infections, this blend helps you recover faster from those winter illnesses.

Essential Oils as an Aphrodisiac

A wonderful blend of Geranium, sandalwood, bergamot and Ylang ylang. Ylang ylang has a sweet and spicy aroma and is an aphrodisiac with sensual properties that allows you to relax, expose your feelings and be completely stress free. Ylang ylang works like alpha brain waves, syncing your body rhythm, this instils patience as well as making you euphoric and happy. Sandalwood is meditative, assertive and helps you understand yourself, this is a very powerful oil that is taken from trees of age 7 and up, this oil is very assertive and makes you brave.

Anointing Oil

Oil of Gladness

Rose of Sharon

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