Sassafras Cinnamon Tree

Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several Sassafras Cinnamon Trees and is used in both sweet and savory foods. While Cinnamomum verum is sometimes considered to be “true cinnamon”, most cinnamon in international commerce is derived from related species, which are also referred to as “cassia”.

In several European languages, the word for cinnamon comes from the Latin word cannella, a diminutive of canna, “tube”, from the way it curls up as it dries. Cassia literally ‘the peel of the plant’ which is scraped off the Cinnamon tree. Continue reading “Sassafras Cinnamon Tree”

The Holy Anointing Oil

The Holy Anointing Oil

And you shall place it in front of the dividing curtain, which is upon the Ark of Testimony, in front of the ark cover, which is upon the testimony, where I will arrange to meet with you. Exodus 30:6

The Holy Anointing Oil, the Original Anointing Oil “Oil of Messiah” also known as “Kaneh Bosem”, when translated from Hebrew it means “Scented Tube” which the commentaries say is probably cinnamon. It was first prescribed for the High Priest of the Temple, known as the Kohen Ha Gadol. The high priest of the Temple of Jerusalem, Israel was instructed to put the Holy Anointing Oil on himself before he blessed the children of Israel. Later this same  Anointing Oil was used by the Kings of Israel to anoint kings and prophets. Now a days we use the oil to symbolize a priestly, regal and higher self within ourselves, allowing us to connect and identify with G-d. Continue reading “The Holy Anointing Oil”

The Intriguing Qualities of Olive Oil

The Intriguing Qualities of Olive Oil has been known and recognized for centuries, since biblical times. Olive oil qualities is acknowledged both for its religious rituals and medicinal properties. Olive Oil was then used as fuel in oil lamps, and Olive Oil was also the main ingredient in soap-making, and skin care application. Continue reading “The Intriguing Qualities of Olive Oil”

Essence of Oils

Holy Land Oils is a company based in Maale Adumim, Israel producing the Essence of Oils. With this website we plan to write informative articles based on various topics connected to the Essence of Oils and the history of oils in the holy land. Olive oil in particular has very strong religious roots in Israel, used by Kings and prophets to anoint. Olive was also a source for beauty treatments and perfumes, such as the Oil of Gladness. Continue reading “Essence of Oils”