Oils for Health and Healing

Our bodies absorb oils into our system via ‎their aroma by inhaling through our noses.‎ Scent is a sense, we have neurons with hair ‎like projectors called cilia that identifies scents. Our sensor are capable of understanding ‎and identifying the difference between thousands of smells. Even if we don’t have ‎the sense of smell, we inhale scents and our bodies internalize these scents anyway.  We are all affected by the scents in ‎the same way whether we can smell or not.‎

Scents affects emotions, and we identify via scents feelings that are deep within us. Just like we are able to smell fear, the equivalent scent helps us dispel our fears, anxieties and ‎stresses. Scents also stimulate us via our senses, giving us the feeling of confidence and drive we need to progress and strive in our lives.‎ we all have fond, long past memories that are stimulated by a passing scent. Oils are very therapeutic and are used for healing treatments, because we absorb them into our ‎system through our skin making them very effective.

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